Writing Friends

Yesterday was supposed to be my monthly local RWA meeting day. I say “supposed” because a series of incidents kept me from the meeting. The morning started off with sleet and freezing rain, not a good idea for a forty mile drive. Once it warmed up a little, hubby offered to drive and we took off. Two hours later, we returned home having gone less than fifteen miles. Unfortunate accidents (others, not us) blocked the main route that we needed to take and the side roads were too dangerous. So I ended up returning home and missing the meeting.

Which really bummed me out.

But then, later that afternoon, my best friend and crit partner called and we chatted about the meeting, about writing, about publishing, about a lot of things. Though I missed the meeting, I felt better after talking with her. Though I was still bummed about missing the meeting (we were having a really good speaker), I know that I did the right thing in turning back and not going. And in chatting with my friend, I was able to touch base with someone who understood my frustration with my current story, my angst about submitting my new story, and more.

The others in my crit group were online and I connected with them there as I do other writing acquaintances. It is necessary for writers to make these connections. Writing is such a solitary endeavor that we need these social touches to remind us that we are not alone. That there are others out there like us who argue with their characters, struggle to show not tell, research our settings, and more.

If you are a writer, be sure you are connecting with others. It is as necessary to a good writing life as food. And it’s fun too.

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