Coming Next Week! A New Prime Time

In the writing life, we all hit bumps and snags now and then. I hit one this past December when my previous publisher closed. Though I received the rights back to two of my three books I had with them, I was concerned if I’d be able to sell them again. After all, they’d already been published and most publishers don’t want to touch that. With fingers crossed and hopes held high, I sent a letter off to my current publisher. And they responded in the positive. And not only that, but because both had already been edited and received rave reviews, they would get pushed through the process.

Then that snag. Yes, they’d been edited, but my editor pointed out some glaring errors that my previous publisher had missed. So I went to work fixing plot points, dialogue, and confusing issues. We worked fast, but we worked really hard and, voila, a new and vastly improved book emerged. And next week Prime Time will be available to you! In its original condition, Prime Time received 4 stars from Romantic Times Magazine, 5 cups/lips/etc. from other reviewers. The original version was good. The new one is so much better. And it’s available in formats to fit all e-readers or your computer.

I give you – PRIME TIME available Feb. 25 from Captiva Press:

A futuristic romance

When the super hot man in the moon comes calling, all you can do is melt.

In the dark corners of the Lunar habitats, Deena has safety and friends. In the light—danger lurks. To find those responsible for the death of her parents and the disappearance of her friends, she must join those who work in the light—if they’ll let her. After all, they’re Techies. Jake has every advantage of a Techie. Head of an elite security force investigating the Utopia drug, he is certain the pushers are the Porters. He needs to find a way to integrate with those who work in the dark, but Techies aren’t welcome. Deena and Jake must put aside their differences and work together against a common enemy—a threat to both Techies and Porters. Along the way, they discover love doesn’t care where you come from, and evil has a long reach.



From Romantic Times Magazine:, 4 stars: Burkholder voyages to the moon sometime in the future and builds a world with an intricate, well-defined, two-tiered social order. Everyone has a common goal, to locate a drug that can render all parts of society powerless if put in the wrong hands — and the wrong hands seem to have acquired it. A compelling read.

Summary: Deena is a Porter, considered the lower class in contrast to the upper-class Techies. When she first meets Jake Parsons, the new cook, he looks a mess: outfitted with multicolored hair and bright blue shorts. He’s also a Techie, and soon Deena is recruited to unearth the distributors of the drug, Utopia.

Deena is seeing double when Jake’s twin, Sean, joins the hunt as they travel the vents behind the walls looking for answers.

From All About Romance: If Prime Time is ever made into a movie and Vicky Burkholder endorses it, I will be among the first in line to buy those high priced tickets. This tale is a rollicking ride of suspense, romance, and good Old West flavor that doesn’t stop till the last line.Reviewed By Nancy Louise

Coffee Time Romance: Astounding! Miss Burkholder has outdone herself with this book. A real page turner. Deena and Jake are made for each other! The world the author created is stunningly realistic and pulls you in. A definite must for lovers of sci-fi action books!


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