I’m Vicky Burkholder, writer, editor, reviewer…

Okay, I’m a lot more than that, but this site is all about the writing aspect of my life so welcome! Pull up a chair, take a look around and, hopefully, you’ll find something that interests you. Oh, and take a look at my blog for daily tips, tricks, and thoughts about writing. You can find that in the menu on the right.


COMING APRIL 17, 2023:


Delia loves her life at the lodge but when an email arrives threatening her happiness, she vows to fight to protect her children. Hoping her ex won’t follow through with his threats, she confides her concerns to a local cop and her brother’s best friend Noah.

Noah has loved Delia from afar for a long time. But he knows she’s off limits because she’s Max’s little sister. So, when she asks for his help, he puts his love on the back burner to find her kidnapped twin girls and put her ex-husband behind bars.

Will their future rain Jellybeans and will love win over evil?




RevengeAmongtheStars_w13325_300world-building-coverGambling on Love


1d0fc-theemeraldkey_vickyburkholder_600x800 The Emeral Key Final covertherubykeyTHE RUBY KEY FOR VICKYWho's Your Alpha-600x800finderskeepers

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