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Okay, I’m a lot more than that, but this site is all about the writing aspect of my life so welcome! Pull up a chair, take a look around and, hopefully, you’ll find something that interests you. Oh, and take a look at my blog for daily tips, tricks, and thoughts about writing. You can find that in the menu on the right.


perf5.000x8.000.inddMy newest! Gisele Reid returns to the Gingerbread Lodge to help her aunt, but without paying guests, she’s afraid the lodge will have to be sold. An event she vows to stop. When an old friend shows up, she is astonished to find Max has turned into a man who makes her knees and heart tremble. Max Oakley, a developer, has a client interested in buying land around the lodge. He has fond memories of the resort, as well as the girl who left him behind. When he runs into Gisele again, she’s even more beautiful than ever. A woman who could make him forget everything—even his job. Plumbing problems, electrical outages, and the return of Gisele’s family throw a wrench into Max’s plans to woo Gisele. But when the truth comes out, she believes he’s betrayed her trust, and it will take a Christmas miracle to make everything right again.

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RevengeAmongtheStars_w13325_300world-building-coverGambling on Love


1d0fc-theemeraldkey_vickyburkholder_600x800 The Emeral Key Final covertherubykeyTHE RUBY KEY FOR VICKYWho's Your Alpha-600x800finderskeepers

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