April 24

Birthdays: Anthony Trollope (1815), Carl Spitteler (1845), Elizabeth Goudge (1900), Robert Penn Warren (1905), George Oppen (1908), William Goyen (1915), Doris Burn (1923), Clement Freud (1924), Shirley MacLaine (1934), Brian Garfield (1929), Sue Grafton (1940), David Morrell (1943), Karan Mahajan (1984)

Carl Spitteler is a Swiss poet who won the 1919 Nobel Prize for Literature.

Robert Penn Warren won Pulitzers in both literature and poetry.

George Oppen won the 1969 Pulitzer for Poetry

Quote: “As much as I like it when a book I’m writing speeds along, the downside can be that an author becomes too eager to finish and rushes the end. The end is even more important than the first page, and rushing can damage it.” – David Morrell

Tip: Try not to use colons, semicolons, or parentheses in fiction writing. They clutter things up, especially in ebooks. Stick with the basics of periods, commas, question marks, etc.

Jumpstart: You are at a family reunion. Your great-aunt Bertie pulls you aside and whispers in your ear. What she says is so shocking, you can barely handle the news and you have to pretend like nothing happened so others don’t get curious. What did she say to you? Why did she tell you?

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