April 15 Writing

Birthdays: Henry James (1843), Corrie ten Boom (1892), Waverley Root (1903), Helene Hanff (1916), Tomas Transtromer (1931), Jeffrey Archer (1940), Jacqueline Briggs Martin (1945), Mons Kallentoft (1968), Omar Tyree (1969)

Corrie ten Boom is best known for her book about surviving the Holocaust “The Hiding Room”

Tomas Transtromer won the 2011 Nobel Prize in Literature.

Quote: “I usually know the first four or five chapters in detail, and the next 10 in outline, which will take me to the middle of the book. Then it’s time to pray.” – Jeffrey Archer

Tip: Homonyms are difficult for some people to recognize such as: there/their/they’re: “There” is a place (we are going there). “Their” is a possessive pronoun meaning it belongs to them (their house). “They’re” is a contraction for “they are” (They’re coming with us). Another stumbler is: peek/peak/pique. Peek is to take a quick look at something. Peak is the top of something, like a mountain. Pique is to feel resentment or to increase interest in something (his words piqued my curiosity). Check your work for homonyms. Spell check will not catch them!

Jumpstart: What kind of cartoon would you draw for the newspaper if you could? Would your main character be human or animal? Would it be a single strip or a continuing story? Write the dialogue for it and the descriptions of your characters.

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