April 19

Birthdays: Etheridge Knight (1931), Candy Gourlay (1962), James Franco (1978), Richard Hughes (1900)

Tip: Clichés are words or phrases that are overused and should be cut out. Some of the more common ones include: gentle as a lamb; black as night; burning the candle at both ends; hit the nail on the head. Go through your manuscript and see if you use too many clichés.

Thought for the day: “Make your characters interested in something. Striving for something. In need of something. Good at something. This will make them likeable and interesting.” – James Franco

Jumpstart: Thomas Hinkey was hanged for mutiny, sedition, and treachery for plotting to kidnap George Washington. He was one of Washington’s bodyguards. Imagine you are there before he is captured and tried, and you are aware of the plot. But to expose him is to expose something illegal you did. Would you tell, and thus save Washington’s life? Or stay quiet and out of sight? Why?

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