March 27

Birthdays: William Byrd II (1674), Maxim Gorki (1868), Nelson Algren (1909), Iris Chang (1968), Jennifer Weiner (1970), Lauren Weisberger (1977), Russell Banks (1940)

Tip: Dreams are not only a look at our subconscious but can also be great story ideas. Start a dream journal and write down your dreams—if you remember them.

Thought for the day: “Any writer who knows what he’s doing isn’t doing very much.” – Nelson Algren

Jumpstart: You get a call from an old friend you haven’t seen or spoken with in years. The friend invites you to lunch at a posh restaurant—his treat. When you get there, you find your friend is very different. How? What happened? How do you feel?

Note: we lost two wonderful authors yesterday. Larry McMurty of “Lonesome Dove” and other westerns fame. And the lovely Beverly McCleary who wrote such wonderful books and characters like Ramona. ( will be missed.

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