5 star review!



Aleksia Matthews is left for dead, after space pirates attack her ship and kill her brother. She swears to avenge his death, but knows she can’t do the job alone. After taking out an ad for a bounty hunter, she weeds out the bad from the good, and one man stands out. He could be the perfect partner—and that scares Ali more than the pirates do.

Special agent Jason Cole is tracking the pirates who killed his family, but he’s always one step behind. There have never been any survivors—until now. He needs Ali to identify the attackers, but she proves to be stubborn. She plans to go with him on the hunt, and he’s determined to keep her safe.

While Cole and Ali seek revenge, someone at headquarters would like to see them fail. Together they battle explosions, their emotions, and danger from one of their own.


Reviewed by Marie Loring

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

What a story! Explosions, death around every corner, a kick-butt heroine and a savvy, smoking hot hero. Who could ask for more? This book grabbed me right from the first page, drawing me in with exquisitely crafted scenes and descriptive narrative that dropped the reader smack dab into the action. This was a story I read slowly and savored, not wanting to miss a thing. It was sweet, it was sassy, and the twists and turns just kept on coming.

The love story between the two protagonists built slowly and beautifully. No jumping right into the sack for these two, which I really appreciated. When they finally came together, it felt like they’d built comradery and trust before their physical relationship took flight. Kudos to the author for trusting her characters and constructing her story to support the pair’s bond, rather than use sex to build the storyline.

Even though I quickly figured out who the bad guys were, it didn’t give me pause, nor did it deter me from wanting to find out the “why” behind their actions, and to see—of course—their ultimate downfall.

There were several tear-jerking moments, lots of wonderful, nerdy references, descriptions of space and its vagaries, and most of all human—and inhuman—connections that resonated with truth.

I loved this book, and would highly recommend it to any reader, sci-fi or not. There is plenty here for everybody!


Aleksia Matthews and Jason Cole have a common goal, stop the pirates. They should be able to work together but there are secrets on both side as danger and tension ramps up. There were few surprises for me as I knew who was good and who was bad but the read was still enjoyable. Nice world building and interesting backstory kept the plot moving. I loved both Alekais and Jason but my favorites were two of the more interesting side characters. It was amazing. (Mixed Book Reviews – Goodreads)




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