It’s summer and for kids, that means vacation. It’s also a time when a lot of adults get time off to “relax”. Often that means packing everyone up and spending a few days elsewhere – the beach, the mountains, a resort, relatives… wherever.

But is it really relaxing? When my kids were all still at home, we went on trips, but I wouldn’t call it a vacation. Pack everything you think you might need – including food. (Because of severe various food allergies, eating out isn’t always an option). Cram it all into the van, along with “entertainments” to keep the kids occupied for the hours it would take to get to our destination.

Bucking long lines of traffic snaking at a snail’s pace, detours that took us way out of our intended direction, and directions that weren’t always clear, we would make it to our intended home away from home, then unpack and get everyone settled. Then they got to run off and have fun while I… cooked. And did dishes. And washed clothes. And… where was *my* vacation? And don’t even mention the work when we got home.

But… vacations, no matter how un-relaxing – were always something to be looked forward to. Yes, I did have fun (most of the time). And even managed to read a few good books. I got to see some amazing sights and enjoy time with my family. We’ve been in every state except the southwest and Alaska. Even managed to make it to Hawaii (my favorite!) We’ve seen sunrises in Maine and sunsets in Washington. We’ve camped in rustic campgrounds and stayed at fancy hotels. I’ve dipped my toes in the Atlantic, the Pacific, the Gulf of Mexico and Lake Superior. I’ve hiked mountain trails and strolled boardwalks.

Was it relaxing? Nope. But it was fun.

Hmmm… think I’ll go plan for next year’s vacation. Wonder where we’ll go this time?

How ’bout you? What are your vacations like?

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