Shout out: Natalie Damschroder

I’m giving a shout out today to a good friend and crit partner, Natalie Damschroder. There’s a reason for this – mainly a story of hers I just did a critique on. I’ve always known Natalie was a good writer, but this story just blew me away. The funny thing is, it’s for a free anthology I and several of my writer friends are doing. We aren’t done with it yet – keep looking here for details – but three of us have finished and are critiquing one another’s work. And like I said, Natalie blew me away. Not only was it really clean copy (a relief to this editor’s tired eyes), but the story itself just drew me in and didn’t let go of me until the very end. And even then… I wanted it to go on. So…

Do yourself a favor. Go to Natalie’s website and look at some of her work. You won’t be sorry. 🙂

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