Moving – Again

When I moved into my current house five years ago, I swore this would be it. My last move. After all, I’ve moved 21 times in 37 years (and spent 20 years at the last place – you do the math).

But, as they say, “famous last words” and all that. Yep. I’m moving again. But this time is vastly different. Instead of downsizing because the kids are all grown and gone, I’m upsizing to a bigger place to move in with my son, d-i-l, and their two kids. We are going to become a generational household.

I can hear my friends and relatives now (and have heard them) – why in Heaven’s name do you want to do that? You’ll miss your quiet. They’ll make you babysit all the time. You’ll never have any privacy. And so on.

To all the naysayers, I say, let us give it a try. It is a fiscally sound arrangement for all parties involved. And we have already hashed out the “in-law” quarters aspect, who is in charge of what in the house, etc. Yes, there will be challenges and issues that will have to be dealt with, but we’ve made a good start.

There are probably very few families who could do this, but I have a really good relationship with my d-i-l (and son!) and I believe this will work.

Besides, they are both creative, writer-type people and what could be better for a writer than having a live-in critique/brain-storming partner any time you need one?

Now, if we just had the painting,cleaning, packing and moving aspects out of the way!

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