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April 27: Tell a Story Day

Today is Babe Ruth Day, National Prime Rib Day, Take Your Daughter to Work, Tell a Story Day and the birthday of Mary WollstonecraftJessie Redmon FausetJules LemaitreLudwig BemelmansRuth GlickDana Milbank
Tip: Collect motivational statements about writing and perseverance. Use them when you’re having a bad day to keep yourself going. You can do this. You really can.
Thought: “You just can’t beat the person who never gives up.” – Babe Ruth

Teaser: Finish this using sunshine, ice storm, valentine: The day I died…


Note: Today is “Tell a Story Day” – though I am a writer and a teller of stories, my dad was one of the best storytellers I ever knew. He could make you laugh, cry, wince… he made you feel like you were there. You were there during the wars he fought in – and though he always made the stories fun and interesting, you could tell from his face that not all memories were good. You were with him as he chipped stones as a ten year old to help make a road. You were there as he regaled you with stories of his life – a hard one – but he never complained, never stopped going. For me, my dad was the greatest storyteller ever. May you have someone like that in your life. They are priceless.