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Wow. I surprised myself.

I did not have a great day today. I won’t go into details, let’s just say it was a frustrating day. On top of the frustrations, I wasn’t able to get any writing done (except this blog). So I feel behind on things I should be getting done. Plus I looked over a couple of my contracts and realized there were a couple of problems I need to discuss with one of my publishers, so that topped off my day.

In light of the contract issues, I sat down to look at some of my stories that I had finished and in progress…and I surprised myself. If you look at my websites, you will see that I have four books and three short stories published under this name, and four more under another name. Okay, eight stories or books – not bad considering that most people who write will never be published. But then I looked at the other stuff I have sitting around. In addition to what I have out, and what my publishers are sitting on (four more stories), I have twelve more finished novels that just need me to work on them (edit), eleven more that are nearly done, twenty-five short stories (almost all are science fiction in nature), and another thirty-eight stories that are at least started, but just sitting there waiting for me to do something with them.

You don’t have to do the math, I did. I have a total of one-hundred-one stories either published or waiting for me to do something with them. And I’m sure there a a few ideas sitting around somewhere that I don’t have in my computer.


Now I’m certain that very few of them will ever go any further than they are right now, and several will probably be combined to form a single story, but still, I surprised myself. I didn’t realize I had that many. It feels pretty good. It shows me that I am a productive writer, even when I don’t feel like I am.

So on days like this when I’m feeling low about the writing, I’ll pull out that list, take a look at it, and know that I can get the stories out and that if I run into a block, all I have to do is pull up one of those works in progress and work on it.

I think I’d better go pull up a file and get some writing done. 🙂

Addendum: I kept counting (don’t ask – it was something I just felt I had to do), anyway, in addition to the above, so far this year alone, I’ve done 50 reviews for three different sites, critiqued twelve stories/novels for friends, relatives, and crit partners, done a half-dozen articles for newsletters, and blogged (I didn’t bother to count these) for this and other sites. That’s in addition to past articles for newspapers and magazines (I was a newspaper reporter for two years), more reviews than I can remember (did this for almost fifteen years), and copy-edited almost fifty full-length books (fiction and non-fiction) for private clients.

And yet, most professional writer’s groups don’t consider me a published writer because I’m not actively pursuing a career in writing. Interesting, huh? 🙂

Guest Interview: Jeff Burkholder and Gloaming Gap

Today, I’m interviewing Jeff Burkholder (yes, we’re related – he’s my son. J). He has a site called Gloaming Gap. It’s about a town where anything can – and does – happen and the things that go bump in the night are very real. It can be found at: http://www.gloaminggap.com

Vicky:  Where did you get the ideas for Gloaming Gap?

Jeff:  Well, Gloaming Gap really started out with the first story, “A Bloomin’ Mummy”. I just got an image in my head of a guy eating in a restaurant, when a mummy comes in and curses him for not sharing his appetizer. From there, it kinda branched out! I also wanted to experiment with different kinds of storytelling and publishing

Vicky:  I know you have other writers who do stories for Gloaming Gap – can anyone write for you, or do you invite them?

Jeff:  Well, up until this year, they had all been by invitation. This year, though, we’ve opened up the doors a bit, and we’ve had some really great contributions.  We’ve got some really fantastic writers lined up for August.

Vicky:  Is Gloaming Gap based on a real town? If so, where?

Jeff:  Heh, no. As you are well aware, I grew up in small towns, and have a particular fondness for them. Although there is an…insular quality about a lot of them, which certainly lends itself well to the denizens of the ‘Gap.

Vicky:  All of the stories are paranormal. Is this a pre-requisite for writing a Gloaming Gap story?

Jeff:  The prerequisite for a Gloaming Gap story is that it should be a good story about people with real life issues. The paranormal part of it is just part of the setting.

In some ways, it’s similar to M. Night Shyamalan’s “The Sixth Sense”. It wasn’t a ghost story. It was a story about people trying to connect to others that involved ghosts.

Vicky:  Ah – interesting premise.

Jeff:  Thanks 🙂

Vicky:  If someone wanted to write a Gloaming Gap story, is there a word limit and can they contact you through Gloaming Gap?

Jeff:  Yeah, since Gloaming Gap is strictly online, the stories are intended to be really quick reads. We’ve found that 1,500 words (give-or-take about 300) gives enough space for a good yarn, without bogging down readers on their lunch break. For more info, people can either check out the site (GloamingGap.com) or contact me at GloamingGap@gmail.com

Vicky:  Is there any money involved – either to the writer or from the reader?

Jeff:  Heh, nope. Gloaming Gap – as well as pretty much all my other projects – currently exists in a free-as-in-beer model. I’m not saying that will never change, but that’s my preference. These are stories for the sake of creativity; not cash.

Vicky:  Is there anything else you’d like my readers to know about Gloaming Gap?

Jeff:  The stories are largely meant to be stand-alones. You don’t need to read them in any real order. Characters from one story do pop up in others, though, so it’s a fun, kind of rewarding experience to recognize them when they appear elsewhere. Plenty of different genres in the stories, too. I’m sure you’ll find something you’ll like. 🙂