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April 25 – World Penguin Day

Today is World Penguin Day and the birthday of Walter de la Mare, Maud Hart LovelaceMort WeisingerJohnny CraigAlbert UderzoMelvin Burgess

Tip: Take pictures of scenery – not just pretty things, but odd things, old buildings, junk yards, streetlights at night – and use these to help create settings for your stories.

Thought: “The best kind of character is one who starts out in a minor role – sometimes without even having a name – and talks his way into the plot.” – Elmore Leonard

Teaser: Create an alter-ego. What is his/her name? Sex? Physical attributes? Be specific and detailed. Create a comic book for them.

Note: I find it interesting that in today’s birthdays, three of the people have something to do with comic books (Mort, Johnny, Albert).