Media Kit: Revenge Among the Stars


Author: Vicky Burkholder

Release Date: 10/9/2019

Genre: Futuristic Romance

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press

Editions: mobi, PDF, ePub,

Theme(s): Action-Adventure

SubGenre(s): Futuristic/Sci-Fi, Fantasy

Rating: Sensual (PG-PG13)

Word Count: 84563

RevengeAmongtheStars_w13325_300Blurb: Aleksia Matthews is left for dead, after space pirates attack her ship and kill her brother. She swears to avenge his death but knows she can’t do the job alone. After taking out an ad for a bounty hunter, she weeds out the bad from the good, and one man stands out. He could be the perfect partner—and that scares Ali more than the pirates do.

Special agent Jason Cole is tracking the pirates who killed his family, but he’s always one step behind. There have never been any survivors—until now. He needs Ali to identify the attackers, but she proves to be stubborn. She plans to go with him on the hunt, and he’s determined to keep her safe.

While Cole and Ali seek revenge, someone at headquarters would like to see them fail. Together they battle explosions, their emotions, and danger from one of their own.


Author Information:

Bio: Vicky has been married forever to the one person who accepts that she lives in a fantasy world most of the time. She’s even been seen at the beach building worlds for her stories. In addition to creating fun characters, fantasy worlds, and suspenseful situations, she also enjoys and is very good at things like writing policy and procedures manuals and setting up continuity and organizational spreadsheets, both of which she has actually earned money doing. She has a master’s degree in library science so likes things organized. Okay, so her family thinks having the spice rack alphabetized it a bit much, but she has no trouble finding what she needs when she needs it. And just because her extensive library is cataloged and organized, that doesn’t mean she’s obsessive. Honest. When not writing, Vicky can be found in the kitchen whipping up gluten-free, lactose-free, other allergy-free meals. Or watching the world go by from her front porch swing.

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Thirty minutes later Jason squeezed off his final target a millisecond before Ali hit her target. The significantly larger crowd roared its approval.

“Game goes to red,” the computer intoned. “High score will be amended.”

“High score?” Jason asked as he looked at Ali. “Control, identify previous high score holder.”

“Previous high score belonged to Aleksia Matthews.”

“Seems like I’ve toppled you off your tower, Miss Matthews.” Jason replaced his weapon in the rack and grinned at her.

“Actually, I should thank you. It’s such a chore being on top all the time.” Ali wiped a film of sweat from her face and grinned back at him.

He looked her over slowly from head to toe and back up again. “I do some of my best work from the top.” He left no doubt as to his meaning.


Then she got her first good look at the bathroom. She immediately broke into loud laughter.

“Ali? Are you all right?”

Jason’s innocent question sent her into another paroxysm of laughter. Tears streamed down her face as she opened the door. “You have to see this.” She stepped to one side, allowing room for him to enter. When he did, she watched his face, giggling again when his mouth dropped open.

“I can’t believe someone would actually do this on purpose.”

Jason joined her in laughter as he surveyed the space nearly equal the bedroom in size. Gold-veined mirrors covered the ceiling and two walls. Filmy pink and red material held up by cherubim aligned along the edge of the ceiling and draped the other two walls. On the floor lay a thick white carpet patterned with gold, red, and pink roses.

In addition to an expansive shower cubicle, a sunken bath—large enough for several people—sat

center-stage. Vibrant paintings in the tub itself left absolutely no doubt as to the activities of the

participants. She found the toilet in one corner of the room hidden by a moveable screen covered with more of the suggestive paintings.

“Let me guess,” Ali said when she could breathe again, “the honeymoon suite.” She broke into laughter again as Jason muttered something about Marty and space and no space suits.


She risked a glance at Jason and the other man. They were both out cold. “That’s it, then. We go by water.”

“Ali, it’s too dangerous,” Sami protested as a laser flare lit up the area in front of the rocks. “The sled’s been damaged.”

“I don’t have much of a choice, Sami. They haven’t seen me yet, but they will soon, and I don’t

think this baby can take too many of those crystal hits, can it?”

A very reluctant “no” issued from the speaker.

“Keep a fix on me, Sami. I’m going to be busy, and I’m going to need your help. Activate night vision.”

“Ali, you can’t be serious. The odds of you surviving in such turbulence are beyond my capabilities to compute.”

“Sami, either help me or shut up.” She lifted the sled out of the rocks and took a perpendicular line to the river. A minute after she left the safety of the rocks, a flare lit them up, and she blinked against the sudden glare—momentarily blinded. The sled bounced as she scraped against a low rise, staying on course by instinct alone. As she reached the river, another flare burst,

lighting her for the pirates to see.

“I’ve been spotted, Sami.” Ali killed the night vision and turned on her running lights as a beam

whizzed by her port side. She gulped at the sight of the raging torrent but headed into the dubious safety of the water. Hopefully, the roiling water would dissipate some of the power of the beams.

“Baby, I sure hope you’re watertight.” Ali crossed her fingers as she dropped the sled into the water.