May 17

Birthdays: Anna Jameson (1794), Gary Paulsen (1939), F. Paul Wilson (1946), Peter Høeg(1957), Grace Lin (1974),

Quote: “If books could have more, give more, be more, show more, they would still need readers who bring to them sound and smell and light and all the rest that can’t be in books. The book needs you.” – Gary Paulsen

Tip: An ISBN (International Standard Book Number) is assigned to each book by its publisher (if self-published, you are the publisher and should get an ISBN). The same book may have different ISBNs – one for each format: hard cover, paperback, ebook, audio book.

Jumpstart: You’ve just gotten a job writing short sayings for fortune cookies. Write at least a dozen. Then, as a second job, you’re creating greeting cards… write ten of these (birthday, anniversary, etc.).

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