Writing Challenge, Day 3

I managed to edit 33 pages yesterday, and write up three reviews (you can find my reviews at my sister site: http://www.sparklingbookreviews.com). So the tally so far:

13962 words edited yesterday divided by 3 (edits equal 1/3 new words) = 4654

Grand total so far: 10195

Words to go: 19805


Birthdays: Charles Lindbergh (1902), MacKinlay Kantor (1904), Betty Friedan (1921), Russell Hoban (1925), Stanley Karnow (1925), Siobhan Dowd (1960), Stewart O’Nan (1961), Ben Lerner (1979)

MacKinlay Kantor won the 1956 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction for “Andersonville”

Betty Friedan is best known for her 1963 book “The Feminine Mystique”

Russell Hoban wrote books like “Bread and Jam for Frances” for children

Stanley Karnow wrote about the Vietnam War and won the 1990 Pulitzer for History

Quote: “…every day I don’t write feels like a lost day. I never believe that a story will be finished until I’ve typed the last period. And it is always a miracle if I get it down before being run over by a juggernaut.” – Siobhan Dowd

Tip: Get a notebook – a three ring binder is best – add paper and pockets and start adding stuff to it to use in future stories. Pictures, thoughts, etc. You can also do this in Pinterest or OneNote or other programs online.

Jumpstart: Write a voice mail message for a literary character or author but do it in the “voice” of the character. For instance, Hamlet: To answer, or not to answer, that is the question…

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