January 26 Writing

Birthdays: Birthdays: Mary Dodge (1831), Philip Jose Farmer (1918), Jules Feiffer (1929), Susan Griffin (1943), Angela Davis (1944), Christopher Hampton (1946), Jonathan Carroll (1949), Laurence Shames (1951), Nick Flynn (1960), Shannon Hale (1974)

Philip Jose Farmer was a prolific writer best known for his Riverworld science fiction novels.

Shannon Hale writes YA fantasy. Her novel “Princess Academy” won the Newbery Honor.

Susan Griffin’s book “A Chorus of Stones” was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize

Jules Feiffer, an American cartoonist, won the 1986 Pulitzer Prize.

Thought for the day: “There’s almost always a point in a book where something happens that triggers the rest of the plot.” “Just write about what bites you and damn the rest.” – Jonathan Carroll

Tip: Learn the difference between “bring” and “take”. Bring is used to come from there to here (She will bring the candles with her.). Take goes from here to there (Take the book to the library.). Bring me a drink. Take this to the kitchen.

Jumpstart: What tattoo does your character hide from the world? Why? When and why did s/he get it? Does s/he regret the impulse? Why or why not?

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