March 5 Writing Tips, Tricks, Thoughts

Birthdays: Howard Pyle (1853), Frank Norris (1870), Charles H. Fuller, Jr. (1939), Mike Resnick (1942), Mem Fox (1946), Leslie Marmon Silko (1948), Robin Hobb (1952), Mark Z. Danielewski (1966), Sarah J. Maas (1986)

Quote: “The first thing you have to do is write. There is no easy shortcut about that. Having a great agent or your cousin being best friends with an editor won’t change that. First, you have to write the book (or story) beginning to end. Then you have to make it the best story you can possibly create.” – Robin Hobb

Tip: Do you do crossword or other word puzzles? You should. They will stretch your vocabulary and help you with your writing.

Jumpstart: You’ve been cursed by a witch. You will never write another word unless you…. What (what is the absolute worst thing you could think of that you do *not* want to do)? Do you do it?

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