January 9

Birthdays: Thomas Warton (1728), Thomas Robertson (1829), Henry Fuller (1857), Karel Capek (1890), Simone de Beauvoir (1908), Judith Krantz (1928), Algis Budrys (1931), Wilbur Smith (1933), Ann Siddons (1936), William Morris Meredith (1919), Stuart Woods (1938), John Dunning (1942), Philippa Gregory (1954), Rigoberta Menchu (1959)

Quote: “Somebody said writing is easy, you just sit down at your typewriter and open a vein. It depends on the book.” – Ann Rivers Siddons

Anne Rivers Siddons was an American novelist who wrote stories set in the southern United States. Two of her best known novels are Peachtree Road, and Heartbreak Hotel, which was made into a film titled Heart of Dixie. She wrote 19 novels that featured feisty characters who defied social expectations to find their way in the world.

Karel Capek was a science fiction writer known for making the word “robot” popular.

Thomas Warton (the younger) was Poet Laureate in 1785.

William Morris Meredith was the US Poet Laureate from 1978-1980

Henry Fuller was perhaps the earliest established American author to explore homosexuality in fiction.

Simone de Beauvoir had significant influence on feminist theory and her book “The Second Sex” was a detailed analysis of women’s oppression.

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