October 30

Birthdays: Adelaide Anne Procter (1825), Ezra Pound (1885), Gertrude Atherton (1857), James Laughlin (1914), Louis Malle (1932), Paul Valery (1871), Timothy Findley (1930), Zoe Akins (1886), Jean Chapman (1930), Robert Caro (1935), Eric Kimmel (1946), Andrew Solomon (1963)

Tip: Don’t be a workaholic writer. Remember to make social plans (and not just online!), exercise, get the blood moving.

Thought for the day: “Get up every morning with the set intention of writing and go to your desk and sit there for three hours, whether you accomplish anything or not. Before long you will find that you are writing madly, not waiting for inspiration.” – Gertrude Atherton

Jumpstart: I was walking along the beach when I found…

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