September 21

Birthdays: H.G. Wells (1866), Fannie Flagg (1944), Stephen King (1947), Marsha Norman (1947), Leonard Cohen (1934), Sarah Rees Brennan (1983)

Tip: Put together a media kit for when your book is published. This should contain cover art, blurbs, author bio, excerpts, buy links and personal links. Anything you think someone might want for the purpose of promoting your work.

Thought for the day: “Before I was published, I really had no idea what being published entailed: how suddenly I would have to learn, and come to care passionately about, covers and distributions and awards and what hills to die on when you’re editing and how to coax marketing departments and promotional items, and so much else I never dreamed of. It’s like a life-long apprenticeship: you keep on learning. Be ready for the learning!” – Sarah Reese Brennan

Jumpstart: Write ten of the best pickup lines. Then ten of the worst. Which one would your character use? Write a situation where they use one and the result.

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