September 12

Birthdays: Roald Dahl (1916), Else Holmelund Minarik (1920), Daniel Defoe (1660), E. Lockhart (1967), JB Priestley (1894), Sherwood Anderson (1876)

Tip: Don’t modify things that shouldn’t be modified: very unique, slightly impossible, mostly alone, endlessly eternal. Unique, impossible, alone, eternal and other words like them are ultimate words. Nothing else is necessary to explain them. If someone is alone, there is no one else with him. If another joins him, he is no longer alone.

Thought for the day: “If you spend your time saying ‘I’m never going to finish this book’, you probably won’t.” – Marylee Woods

Jumpstart: Write about something you desperately wanted one time in your life and didn’t get. What would be different if you had?

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