July 8

Birthdays: Elizabeth Kübler-Ross (1926), Anna Quindlen (1952), James Cross Giblin (1933)

Tip: When writing a back cover blurb, don’t go over about 200 words. Introduce main characters, their problem, and hint at danger or a question to entice reader.

Thought for the day: “Great is the art of beginning, but greater is the art of ending.” Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Jumpstart: Write a scene completely in dialogue. Can you get across everything that needs to be shown without devolving into lecture?

Extra tip: yesterday, my oldest son and his family had to put their 14 year old dog to sleep. He was in a lot of pain and suffering and it was a kind thing to do for him. I really didn’t know the dog well. I am not a dog person. But even I will miss Hagrid because he was such a sweetie. And I am crying as I sit here and write this. So… if you are a writer… find something that makes you feel strongly and use that emotion when you write. It doesn’t have to be sadness, it can be any emotion. But make it real.

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