June 17

Birthdays: James Weldon Johnson (1871-1938), Celia Rees (1949), Deanna Raybourn (1968), John Hersey (1914-1993), Kerry Greenwood (1954)

Tip: Check your facts, especially if you’re writing historical fiction. No anomalies please. Zippers didn’t exist in the 1700s. Things you may think have been around forever—haven’t.

Thought for the day: “If you lift the romantic element out of my plots, you still have fully formed mysteries. In the same fashion, if you pull the mystery out of a historical romance, you are left with a perfectly satisfying story.” – Deanna Raybourn

Jumpstart: Your favorite candy maker is going to create a candy bar in your honor. What would it be? How would it look? What would it have in it? What would you call it?

Leaving today for a long weekend writing retreat with three other authors. We try to do this three times a year. It’s a weekend of intense writing, talking, and laughter. We all leave exhausted, but with tons of work done on our manuscripts. I can’t wait!

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