June 15

Birthdays: Brian Jacques (1939-2011), Xaviera Hollander (1943), Elvira Woodruff (1951), Amy Clampitt (1920-1994), William McFee (1881-1966), Adam Rapp (1968)

Tip: Be sure to keep an eye on your story timeline. If something happens on Wednesday and three days later, it’s Monday—you have a problem. Also check your timing of actions and time of day.

Thought for the day: “Look around you. Absorb and remember, use the things you know well and adapt them to your work. Above all, paint the picture with words.” – Brian Jacques

Jumpstart: Your car has come to life and is taking you on a journey. Where is it taking you and why? Do you sit back and enjoy the ride, or fight against it?

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