March 16

Birthdays: Sid Fleischman (1920), Alice Hoffman (1952), Margaret Weis (1948), Sully Prudhomme (1839)

Holidays and Observances: Nat’l Artichoke Day, Nat’l Panda Day, Everything You Do is Right Day, Freedom of Information Day, Giant Panda Bear Day, Tea for Two Tuesday, Black Press Day, Curlew Day, Goddard Day, No Selfies Day

Tip: Read a book. Any book. For a writer to truly succeed, s/he has to also be a reader. Read for pleasure, but also study the story. Rip it apart to see what makes it work.

Thought for the day: “Adult novels are as ephemeral as newspapers. Children’s books stay in print for decades.” – Sid Fleischman

Jumpstart: While walking through a parking garage, you hear a thump coming from the trunk of a car. What do you do?

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