Guest Post: Susan Kelly

The Science Part of a Science Fiction Series

I write science fiction romance, and I do it in three book series. All the books in a series are set in the same futuristic world. Before I come up with characters and their romantic arcs, I figure out the science that will make the world unique and create interesting obstacles for the protagonists.

Fiery LadySurvivors of the Apocalypse is set in a future America more than three hundred years from present day. What has caused this catastrophe that had nearly wiped out mankind? Science, of course. In this series, it’s medical science. In a search for a universal vaccination, medical researchers accidentally unleash a virus that kills everyone. A domed city, built before the outbreak, serves as the only center of civilization where people live. Or are they the only ones? Out in the wilds of a de-populated United States, small pockets of survivors make a life. These survivors are the descendants of the few people who never received the vaccination, but their numbers are too few to sustain genetic diversity. These frontiersmen turn to the city in hopes to add to their numbers.

The science I researched:

Vaccinations and how immune systems work.

Number of people needed for genetic diversity.

Bone marrow transplants.

How starvation affects fertility rates.

Engineering problems likely in a domed city that is three centuries old.Exiled Lady

Surviving without electricity in a frontier situation.

All these science things add to the conflicts and obstacles the protagonists face. Add in the cultural differences between the frontiersmen and the city people, and there is more than enough conflict to keep the stories rolling along.

At the center of the story is a set of triplets, two men and one woman, who’ve grown up wild and rough on the frontier. When their aunt discovers a possible cure for the virus killing any city person who leaves the dome, each of the triplets will find the possible love of their lives.

Book #1 Hunter’s Exiled Lady

Book #2 Horse Tamer’s Fiery Lady

Book #3 Exile’s Savage Lady

I hope you enjoy some science in your romance novels. Be prepared for the hijinks when two cultures collide.

Susan Kelley writes space opera romance and dystopian romance with courageous heroes and adventuresome heroines. She resides in central Pennsylvania in a large country home with her husband and the frequent company of her six children. Find her Exile Savage ladyat:

Her blog, Susan Says

Her Twitter

Her Facebook Page



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