Life is what happens…

Have you ever anticipated something for weeks, maybe months, waiting for that special day, thinking it will never get here? And then whoosh – it’s over and gone in the blink of an eye and you’re left wondering…what happened?

This past week was kind of like that for me. Last weekend, we had an open house party to celebrate my husband’s birthday. I planned it for weeks. Middle son was flying in from out of state. There would be food, and fun, and friends…

And there were all of the above, but after all that planning, it went by so quickly that I’m not sure it even happened. Yes, I was there. And yes, there was laughter and eating and playing of games… but it happened so quickly. Son is back at his home, leftovers are all gone and life has returned to its state of normalcy. But where did that time go and so quickly?

At the beginning of the year, I had all these plans for my writing. I charted out what I would do each month. Then vision issues caused all those plans to change and my timeline ended up being trashed. Now, I’m happy to get done what I do each day – whether it’s a paragraph, or a chapter. It’s frustrating, but I deal. It’s all I can do for now while I await eye surgery. Waiting and planning.

Time is a funny thing. It moves so slowly when we are waiting for something, but goes supersonic when the event gets here. And passes us by without us noticing. It’s the middle of May and I wonder where the year has gone. Like the quote, published in 1957 and attributed to Allen Saunders, but made famous by John Lennon: Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans.

Go enjoy some life today. 🙂


One thought on “Life is what happens…

  1. I’ve been thinking something similar. How the first quarter of the year, I just wanted to get DONE. There’s so little good happening in January-March, and the weather is so ugh. But then April wasn’t much better, and so far May is schizo, and I’m like “it’s already almost the longest day of the year and things only go downhill from there.” *sigh*

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