We spend a lot of our time in life waiting. Waiting to grow up. Waiting to graduate. Waiting for that special someone to call. Waiting for…

Yesterday, I spent most of my day waiting. My husband and I had a dear friend who was undergoing open heart surgery so we were waiting to hear the outcome (he made it, but there were issues). While we were waiting, my husband made his daily morning call to an elderly aunt. As they were chatting, she slipped and fell and all he could hear was her crying. Because we live too far away, there was nothing we could do physically. After consoling her, he hung up and made a quick call to her daughters to let them know. And we waited. Finally last night, we received word that she had broken her collarbone. Because of her age (93), the hospital was keeping her overnight.

It was a day fraught with worry and waiting. Unfortunately, besides praying, there was nothing we could do to alleviate either situation. For myself, when things like this happen, I bake. It’s my calming place. It’s something I have to concentrate on and something I can do. When my father was in hospice before his death, I filled a 32 cu ft freezer with goodies.

As authors, we do a lot of waiting too. Waiting for agents and editors to get back to us.  Waiting for contest results. Waiting for cover art. Waiting for edits. Waiting for publication. But in these cases, there are things we can actually do while we wait. We can do promotions, build websites and blogs. Write the next book. In these cases, the waiting can be productive to the career.

Waiting is never easy, but if you can find something to do while you wait (besides pacing the hospital corridors), that activity does make it bearable.

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