May 14

Happy Mother’s Day to those who care for children, whether they be mother, father, grandparent, or other caregiver. And to those “mothers” who will never be one, may you find some happiness in today as well.

Today is Dance Like a Chicken Day, Mother’s Day (second Sunday in May), and the birthday of Hal Borland,

Tip: The first page should introduce major characters, the setting, and the story question (what’s going on). If your first pages start with backstory (what happened before your story took place), you’ll lose your readers fast. Backstory can be added in later, not at the beginning.

Thought: “Most writers write badly because they tell us not only their thoughts but also the thinking of their thoughts.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

Teaser: Use the following in a scene: tickertape, okapi, ballroom, “You’ve been chosen…”

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