May 3

Today is World Press Freedom Day and the birthday of Niccolo Machiavelli, Jacob Riis, William IngeAugust von KotzebueDodie SmithAnna Roosevelt HalstedEnrique LaguerreMay SartonGeorges-Emmanuel Clancier

Tip: Go through your WIP and make sure you don’t mix tenses. Most writing is done in past tense (They went to the store. I passed the speeding car.) If your character says “I carried her books.”, then switches to “We walk (instead of walked) to her house.” This is a switch in tenses.

Thought: “Writing about an idea frees me of it. Thinking about it is a circle of repetitions.” – Mason Cooley

Teaser: Go to any drawer in your house, close your eyes, open the drawer and pull out three to five things. Write a scene using these objects. All clothes? What colors are they? What would your character wear them at? Junk drawer? What did you pull out? Why does the character have these things in a junk drawer? What would s/he use them for?

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