April 16 – Happy Easter!

To those who celebrate today, may you have a blessed day. Happy Easter.

Today is Easter, Mushroom Day, National Eggs Benedict Day, National Librarian Day,  National Stress Awareness Day, Save the Elephant Day, and the birthday of: Kingsley Amis, Anatole France, John Synge, Sebastian Barker, Dorothy Lathrop, Berton Roueche

Tip: Writing is not supposed to be torture. Yes, there are days when it is difficult but if you are dreading it, then you may be writing the wrong thing. Try changing your point of view and have fun with it.

Thought: “Edit, edit, edit. Scrape off the dirt so that the diamonds can shine. A lot of writing is knowing what to take away.” Erica Jong

Teaser: Your character is being chased by a madman. Cornered in a room in her house, what can she use as a weapon? What room is she in? Some rooms have more “weapons” than others (kitchen vs. bedroom). What does she do?

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