April 6 – Sorry Charlie Day

Today is April 6. It is California Poppy Day,  National Tartan Day, New Beer’s Eve, Plan Your Epitaph Day, Sorry Charlie Day

Today is the birthday of: Merle Haggard (yes, the musician, but he was also a writer)

Tip: Love what you do. If you don’t enjoy writing, it will show. Yes, this job can be like any other job and get to you sometimes, but if you don’t like it at least some of the time, it will creep into your writing. Today is “Sorry Charlie Day” – a day to reflect on rejections and realize it happens to everyone. Yes, it hurts, but it’s also a way to make you stronger. Keep going even in the face of adversity. You can do this.

Thought: Today’s preparation determines tomorrow’s achievement – Robert Schuller

Teaser: When was the last time you laughed hard? Or cried harder? What happened to make that moment so emotional? Write this as a scene, focusing on the emotions you want your reader to feel.

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