Cleaning out the cobwebs

We recently had a big change in our household, one that is of benefit to all parties, but it also means a lot of cleanup to be done. A little background – for the past almost six years, we lived together with our oldest son, his wife, and their two kids. Now, it’s just hubby and me. While the quiet and lack of chaos is nice, it’s also a little disconcerting. But I think I’ll adjust. 🙂

What is more disconcerting is the amount of “stuff” we still have – and it’s not all theirs. Yes, they still have things they haven’t moved out, but even after they do, we will have a lot that is ours. Okay, not all of it is ours. We still have things that belong to the other kids, and “stuff” from our parents that I have yet to go through… but so much “stuff”.

And that’s just the physical things. As I was in the “make a list to get these things done” mood, I looked through my computers (desktop, laptop, pads, phone – all the things that make up “modern” life). And there was more “stuff”. Old files that had no need to be there anymore. Unfiled pictures. Unfinished stories.

Too much “stuff”. So… my goal for this year is to declutter, both physically and electronically. To that end, I started yesterday by just going through my file cabinets and got rid of two trashbags worth of stuff. It felt good! And even though I’m far from done, at least it’s a start.

What about you? Do you have too much stuff cluttering up your life? Your work?


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