Guest author: Anneka Ever

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Anneka Ever is a romance author. Her contemporary love stories are set in the mountains and small towns of Virginia. Her strong heroes and independent heroines explore their passion against the beautiful backdrop of rivers, meadows, and forests. She is a member of the Romance Writers of America. Anneka lives in Virginia with her husband and three dogs.

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HRheartsraceWhen it comes to adventure, she’s stop and he’s go. When it comes to romance, he’s yes and she’s no.
Can billionaire Dylan Delaney overcome his adrenaline addiction with life coach Greta Larsen’s help before he loses his technology empire? Can she move past the death of her husband to find love again?
When Greta finds herself attracted to her very rich, very handsome new client, she sees it as a betrayal of her late husband. Despite her feelings of guilt, she can’t walk away from Dylan, especially when she learns he harbors his own grief.
His secret sorrow is the key to Dylan’s love of danger. Greta is determined to unlock his mysterious past so he’ll stop courting death. What she doesn’t count on is the passion she frees.
Dylan’s never met a woman who could slow him down. Until now. Greta teaches him to be mindful of the moment, but soon his every moment is filled with thoughts of her. Has he replaced one addiction with another?
Hearts Race is the follow-up story to Riverswept and the second book in the Burns Class of Love series. The story returns readers to the small town of Burns, Virginia and also introduces them to the Blue Ridge Mountains around Charlottesville, Virginia.


She moved to the next car, a coral-colored model with a matte black hood. Running her hands along its curves, she asked, “What’s this?”
“This is the new addition. It’s a Ford Mustang. A 1969 Boss 302. You like it?” When she nodded, he started talking about cylinder heads, intake valves, and horsepower.
She interrupted him. “Take me for a drive.”
“Will you take me for a drive in it?” She felt her neck and cheeks grow warm.
He searched her face, as if she had pulled off a mask to reveal someone he didn’t know. “Sure. Let me grab the key.”
He hustled to the far wall. While he was retrieving the key, she opened the passenger side door and climbed inside. After sliding into the bucket seat, she pulled the seatbelt across her lap and clicked it. She looked behind her and noticed that the rear window was covered with black louvers. She could see slivers of Dylan as he worked his way back through the car collection toward the Boss.
He got in the car and slammed the door. He inserted the key in the ignition switch and then turned to her. His eyes gleamed. “Are you sure about this?”
She shivered. This is a bad idea, she thought. She smiled at him. “Don’t forget to buckle up.”
He laughed, clicked the belt into place and then turned the key in the ignition. The car awakened with a snarl and then settled into a deep growl. Dylan revved the engine and Greta’s seat vibrated. She felt a pleasant throbbing sensation. Turning her face away from him, she stared out the window and bit her lip. You’ve lost your mind.
He maneuvered the car out of the building and away from the main part of the property. “I’ve got a dirt course and a racing track. I wrecked on the dirt one. Let’s try it out on the track.” Ten minutes later they arrived at the track.
“It’s a mile around, paved, and has great banking.” He pointed out the windshield. “We built a miniature grandstand that can hold up to a hundred people.”
“Do you have actual races here?”
“Nothing official or public. Just me and some friends fooling around on the track when we’re in the mood.”
You’re always in the mood for danger, she thought.
He drove the car through the gate and eased onto the track. Her palms felt sweaty; she swiped them against her jeans. “Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea,” she said. “What will Ben say if he finds out?”
“Ben’s ass!” He rested his hand on her shoulder for a couple of seconds. “Don’t worry. I’m not going to do anything reckless.” He revved the engine again. “I wouldn’t risk hurting you, Greta.”
She nodded, unable to speak. She felt tears welling up in her eyes. Turning toward her window, she blinked away the salt water.
“Hang on,” he said. Before she could respond, he floored the accelerator pedal. The Mustang moved forward so fast she was forced back in her seat.
She grabbed the passenger side door with her right hand and the edge of her seat with her left. The car grew louder as it gained speed. She felt as if she had been swallowed by some great beast. She glanced at the speedometer; not liking what she saw, she closed her eyes. Dylan said something but she couldn’t hear him.
The car seemed to be rising on one side. Sliding toward the driver’s side of the car, she stuck out her hand and braced herself against his shoulder. She opened her eyes and saw the car had traveled up an embankment in the curve. Now she knew what he meant by banking. As they came off the curve, he maneuvered the car to the inside of the track and then hit a straight stretch. He shifted gears and the speedometer needle moved to the right.
He whooped and pounded the steering wheel with his fist. Greta dug her fingers into his shoulder. She heard someone laugh, then, and realized it was her. She relaxed her grip on his shoulder and lifted her head to watch the landscape rush by in a blur. The world was out of her control. The thought of that took her breath away.

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