Time, motivation and goals

Ever since I became an editor, I have found that I have little time or motivation to work on my own writing. Mostly because after spending ten to twelve hours a day on the computer working, I’m just plain tired and don’t want to think about plot/character/grammar/etc.

But this past weekend, I took the time. I put down the editing and picked up my own story – one I’ve been trying to finish for the past year – and looked at it. And remembered why I loved it and wondered why I had stopped working on it. This has happened before. I pick up something I’ve done and wonder why I didn’t finish it. And yes, there are manuscripts that I picked up and promptly put back down again because they didn’t deserve to be finished, but a few…

So my goal for the next few weeks is to make the time for myself. For my own work. For relaxation with a good book that I want to read for fun. Yes, I love being an editor. I really enjoy taking a rough manuscript and turning it into something readable. But it can’t be my entire life. I need to take time for me and mine too.

What about you? Do you take time to relax or work on something you enjoy? If so, what? If not… you should. 🙂


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