Whee!! Just got my new cover for my book FINDER’S KEEPERS, a short, sweet, contemporary paranormal coming April 5th from Liquid Silver Books – finderskeepers
Plagued by dreams about a cinnamon-haired beauty, Dean White is certain his spacy grandmother has something to do with it. As a P.I., Dean specializes in exposing frauds, especially those who claim supernatural powers. When his grandmother gives him Maggie Daniels’ card claiming she can find lost things, he knows he has to prove to his grandmother that this woman is nothing more than a charlatan. What he doesn’t expect is Maggie is the woman in his dreams—and she’s a real witch.
Maggie Daniels runs an occult shop in a small town. She has all the outer trappings of being a witch, but she keeps the reality off the radar. After all, advertising that little fact doesn’t exactly make friends. When the man she’s been seeing in her visions
shows up on her doorstep, she isn’t quite sure what the fates have in store for her.
Dean, head of White Knight Investigations, has something he needs found. In talking with him, Maggie realizes Dean is so
immersed in reality he’s forgotten he has abilities of his own. That fact hasn’t escaped the notice of another witch—one who’s got intentions of her own. It’s up to Maggie to stop the other one’s dark plans and convince Dean that there’s more to life than just five senses.
* * *

And don’t forget to look for WHO’S YOUR ALPHA? coming March 31st from Liquid Silver Books – available now for preorder!
Sunny isn’t the shy little shifter she was when she left town. Now back for her high school reunion, her classmates are in for a surprise. There’s a new alpha in town and the claws are out to see who will be top dog. WHO’S YOUR ALPHA is a new short, paranormal contemporary romance about letting go of the past and finding your future.Who's Your Alpha-600x800

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