Ups and Downs

Last weekend, I spent the weekend with two friends at a little cabin where we concentrated on writing. We worked, we brainstormed, we talked, we ate, we laughed, and we wrote – a lot. It was an amazing weekend. I got my next book in the Crystal Keys series mapped out as well as the overall story arc for the series so I know what’s happening in all four books. I got a lot accomplished last weekend.

Then the week hit. And the flu hit. Fever, aches, headache, coughing, sinus… all the nasty stuff that goes with feeling yucky. And the writing stopped. I was barely keeping up with my editing work. My output tanked. All the impetus I had from the previous week and the weekend died.

But, as happens, I am slowly on the mend. Still achy. Still coughing and fighting massive sinus headaches. Still tired. But I’m getting there. And I’ve been looking at the stuff I did last weekend. And I still like what I did so that must be good. Maybe this bug was Mother Nature’s way of telling me I needed a break. I’ve been pushing pretty hard. Whatever the reason, I’m ready to get back down to it this week. Though I have a couple of work deadlines I need to meet, I’m also going to tackle the Ruby Key (the next book in the series). A little at a time. And sometimes, that’s all we can do – just keep plugging away a little at a time and, eventually, it will all come together.

In the meantime – take a look at my new cover art! My next book, WHO’S YOUR ALPHA, comes out on March 31st from Liquid Silver Books. The new cover art is for my futuristic story coming out from Ellora’s Cave Blush this summer.

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