Looking forward to Spring

Okay, I’ll admit it. I’ve had enough of winter. Oh, I don’t mind the crisp, cold days. Nor do I mind the first snowfall. In fact, I get as excited as the kids when I see those first flakes in the late fall. But after having almost two feet of snow dumped on us, along with ice and sleet, in the last week, I’ve had enough. Especially since the **** snowblower doesn’t work. And these last two snowfalls were the heavy, wet stuff that is no fun to shovel. And I know the kids are almost as tired of snow days as the adults are. I know some schools are contemplating having classes on Saturdays just so they can get the required days in by the state-mandated deadline.

Don’t get me wrong – it is pretty to look out my window and see all that white. But I think the robins shivering around my birdfeeder are contemplating heading back south. And I’ve got friends who are still without power from a week ago.

And yes, my Minnesota-resident sister is teasing me about this being normal for her. It may be normal for Minnesota, but it’s not for southern Pennsylvania. And I really feel for the people in the southern states who aren’t used to this stuff at all!

So I am looking forward to spring. To flowers blooming and warmer days and being able to go outside without boots and a shovel.

I’m also looking forward to my newest books coming out! WHO’S YOUR ALPHA? is a short shapeshifter (sweet) romance that will be available March 31st from Liquid Silver Books. And FINDERS KEEPERS – a short paranormal (sweet) romance that will be available also from Liquid Silver on April 5th!

So here’s to spring!


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