New Cover Art

Wheee! My hat is off to Valerie from the art department at Liquid Silver Books. She captured what I wanted for my new story Who's Your Alpha-600x800exactly right! Love what she did with this.

The story, Who’s Your Alpha? was previously published in an anthology from another publisher but will now be out there on its own. It’s coming March 31st from Liquid Silver. I’m just starting edits now. I can’t wait ’cause I love this story.

It’s a sweet paranormal shapeshifter romance about a woman who goes back to her home town for her tenth year reunion and discovers some things about herself, and her friends, that she never knew before.

While growing up, Sunny Clark never felt like she fit in with the others in her school. She was always a little overweight, always a little too independent, and a shape shifter. She was also in love with her neighbor, David Maxwell. But he was one of the in crowd, and she wasn’t. When she returns for a reunion, many things have changed, but not her feelings for David. Unfortunately, the alpha female doesn’t want Sunny around and sets out to make sure she knows it. But Sunny is no longer the shy little puppy she once was and the pecking order is about to change.

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