Who has the time?

In my “real” life, I am an editor and I work at a small, independent bookstore so my life is surrounded by books. I was also a reviewer for a national magazine for almost twenty years, and have a degree in library science. All this goes to say – I love books. I can’t get enough of them. Though sometimes…

As an editor, I spend my days making other people’s books better. I look at plot lines, continuity, grammar, spelling… everything. It’s not easy work and I don’t always like the book the publisher sends me to work on, but I do work on them all with the same level of integrity and attention, no matter the subject. It is my job to take these rough rocks and turn them into polished gems.

All this is to say that, by the end of my “work” day, I am usually more than ready to turn off the computer and do something that does not involve whether to hyphenate “face to face” or capitalize “Google”. Unfortunately, my own writing time suffers because of this – by the time I finish, I’m just not ready to work on my own stuff. It took some doing, but I finally figured out that, unless I’m under a deadline, I’m going to have to be a weekend writer. I don’t edit on weekends (again, unless I’m under a deadline) so that is my time to write – and I’ve found I’m actually more productive.

When I carved out time in the evenings, it always took a little time for me to figure out where I was in the story and where I needed to be next, and there was never enough time to really give the work justice. But by setting my weekends up for just that (and yes, all the other stuff I have to do on weekends – but I’m still adjusting the schedule), I have a lot more time and can write longer and better than a little here and a little there.

I’m still tweaking the schedule, and probably will for some time, but for now, it’s working. So look to see new stuff from me soon – or as soon as I can find a new publisher! In the meantime, check out Danger on Xy-One – a non-erotic futuristic romance. For more info, checkout my Bookshelf


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