Today’s Notes: March 1st

Wow, it’s March 1st already. Where has the time gone? Are you on track with your goals for the year? I’m a little behind, but I’m getting there.

Thought for the day: “Writing can’t be taught, but if the natural talent is there, it can be improved.” – Rod McKuen

Birthdays: Ralph Ellison, Robert Lowell, Judith Rossner

Robert Lowell is a Pulitzer Prize winning poet who served as Poet Laureate for the Library of Congress from 1947-1948. Judith Rossner was an American novelist best known for her book “Looking for Mr. Goodbar” and Ralph Ellison was best known for his book “The Invisible Man”.



Tips and Teasers: This is National Elve’s Day. Imagine you are an elf – what kind are you? Are you the tall willowy kind as in The Lord of the Rings? Or small and pixie-like? Do you have magical powers? What are they? Are you kind? Or nasty? Where do you live?

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