What Do You Do?

When people ask me what I do in relationship to a job, I tell them I am a writer. I’ve penned several novels, short stories, newspaper and magazine articles, non-fiction works and even blogs – and been paid for my work, so I count that as making the claim true. Can I live off my earnings as a writer? Not even close. Which is why I also have another job, albeit a part time one. To be honest, I can’t make a living off either one, but both supplement my darling breadwinner of a husband. But back to my life as a writer…

Though I live a rich fantasy life through my own stories, it is my part time job that really broadens my literary experience. You see, I work in a bookstore. Yep. I get to spend three days a week going through other author’s books. And I can’t imagine a better place to be. Along with my two bosses, the owners of the store, I get to go through catalogs and see what’s coming out; get to read ARCs (advanced reader copies) of books that are yet to be published; get to indulge my passion for the written word.

The store is a small, independently owned one in a small, conservative town, so we are limited in what we carry, but we push those limits as much as we dare. We carry both new and used books and it’s always interesting to see what people buy, and what they bring back for trade.

If there is a drawback to this job, it’s that my TBR pile has gotten so large, it’s insane. And yet, I keep bringing home more books. Part of the job entails writing up reviews of the ARCs we receive. Over the past year, I’ve read some rally good books that I never would have picked up on my own. I’ve also struggled to finish some – wondering why in the world the publisher chose that particular book.

I have looked at the publishing world from so many angles – as a writer, an editor, a librarian, and now, a bookseller. I believe it gives me a unique perspective into this world of wordsmithing.

And I’m so glad I’m here. 🙂

Do yourself a favor – go to a small bookstore and browse the shelves. Who knows what you may find there.

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