The Retreat – Day 2

Yesterday was a great day for writing. After a lovely breakfast, I got to work. I was working on edits of a new story, one I started some time ago so I needed to refresh my brain as to what was going on in the story. Like most writers, as I read it, I kept thinking “this is awful” – but there were some good nuggets in there. So I scrapped a lot of it and then took a break. I walked a loop around the outside of the hotel – but it was so warm and muggy out, that it was uncomfortable walking so I went inside – and figured out that 30 loops around the hall of the wing where we are staying is approximately a mile, so I walked. 🙂

Then I got back to work. Thirty pages of edits, some brainstorming with others, and it was time for lunch. No we don’t spend all our time eating – but it’s nice to not have to worry about what I’m cooking for meals and have them ready for me. In the afternoon, I put on the Mozart and Vivaldi and started writing. Got about 3000 words done before it was time to break for supper. So a good writing day.

The evening was spent chatting with friends, writing, catching up on email, and other odds and ends. Most of the gang went out to Applebee’s for a late-night party while six of us stayed back and relaxed. We kept hearing thunder all day, but were missed by the storms that tore through nearby towns. Found out this morning that one of our members had windows in his home broken out by large hail. Fortunately, his roommate is abled to take care of it for him so he can stay here.

I’ll write about today in tomorrow’s blog, but let’s just say it’s not off to a great start as one of our members fell in the tub and has been taken to the hospital. We think she’ll be okay, but a prayer or two would be appreciated.

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