Book Signing Tonight

Wow. I’m having a book signing tonight with three of my friends. I’m so excited. Yes, I’ve done signings before. And with these same people, but this time is different.

Why? you ask?

Mostly because of where it is. The other signings were in other cities, not where I live. And at other stores, not where I work. This one is not only in the town where I live, but in the independent bookstore where I work.

My cohorts at the signing will be Misty Simon, writer of light-hearted mysteries and paranormal romance, Victoria Smith, writer of dark paranormal romance, and Susan Kelley, writer of fantasy and paranormal romance. (Seeing a theme here?) The boss is promoting the night as “Some Enchanted Evening” and we are going to have fun!

So… if any of you happen to be in the Lititz, PA area tonight, stop on in. We’re the only bookstore in town.

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