Where to begin

I was looking over my most recent projects and trying to figure out where I want to go. I’ve got two manuscripts about a third done, one done, but needs heavy editing (as in a complete rewrite) and three others that need lighter editing. I’ve also got at least four other manuscripts I should look at to see if I can do anything with them. And three short stories that are done and ready to go, but I’ve had trouble finding a home for them.

So where do I begin?

Which one do I work on first?

Maybe I’ll assign each of them a number and leave it to a turn of the cards? Or throw them out on the floor and see which one comes out on top? Or do it alphabetically by title? Or by date finished? Or…

Yeah, I know. Silly. The point is not which one to start, but just to start.

I’ll let you know which one gets my attention.

Today’s challenge: Use the word “hornswoggle” in a contemporary scene between two best friends.

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