A Love Affair with Science Fiction

I just finished watching the Star Trek movie that originally came out last spring. I don’t do theaters so had to wait for it to come out on DVD. I have been a huge fan of ST since the first series hit TV (yes, I’ve been around that long). But then, I was a huge fan of anything science fiction. I have been since I read my first science fiction book. Until then, I was hard core into Nancy Drew (and other young girl mysteries) as well as books about horses (Black Beauty, Black Stallion, Misty, etc.).

While I continued to read mysteries – and still do – as well as other genres, science fiction became my first love. And when I could watch the stories unfold on television and in the movies, I was in heaven.

Today, that love affair continues. I love anything to do with looking to things that might be. To imagine the future, or return to the past. To fly to the stars. To meet other beings. To create gadgets that may one day really exist. Or to dream up things that may never be, but are just fun to think up. Can there be anything better?

Today, I read just about anything. Part of my job working at a bookstore is to read books (hard job that!). The large majority of ARCs we get in are literary novels – not my first choice. Or even my fifth. But I do read them, and have read some very good ones that I’ve enjoyed immensely. But my first love, and the ones I gravitate to first, will always be science fiction and fantasy books.

So, thank you Jules Verne and Ray Bradbury and, especially, Gene Roddenberry. You, and many others, have given me many hours of enjoyment. And, I’m happy to say, I’ve passed the legacy on to my offspring.

Today’s Challenge: Use these in a scene: jogger, electrician, statue of a sphinx

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