Today is my birthday and, no, I won’t tell you which one! 🙂

But I love birthdays. The excitement of the day – all centered on you. For me, it’s a day of celebration, no matter if you’re one or one hundred; no matter if you’re with a crowd, or sitting by yourself. Celebrate.

Like the new year, it is, for me, a day of reflection. Of looking back over the past year to see what I’ve done and consider what changes I need to make, or what was right that I can rejoice in. It is also a day to look forward to the coming year, the challenges I will face and how to use my experience to cope with them. It is a day of quiet contemplation, and celebration.

As I look over the past years, I can remember the best and worst presents I received. The best was a surprise trip to the nearby RenFaire. Though I was feeling lousy, the day was lovely and I had a grand time. The worst? A bag of rice cakes from someone who knew I was trying to lose a little weight. The person’s heart was in the right place, but come on. Really? For a birthday? 🙂

So celebrate with me. Tell me about your best and worst birthdays. And what is your fondest wish for your next one?

One thought on “Birthdays

  1. Happy Birthday fellow Pennwriters-Scorpio!

    Not sure about best and worst, but I am thankful to be celebrating my birthday at home in Washington State this year!

    Cheers and happy wishes for a great year!


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